Greensand Exploration


Greensand Exploration is an international oil industry consultancy, established in 2012 to provide upstream oil and gas companies with geotechnical advice and services relating to all aspects of exploration and production.

About Greensand Exploration

*Greensand, as its name suggests, is a greenish coloured sandstone. It is formed in anoxic, shallow marine environments. The colour is due to the variable presence of grains of glauconite. Worldwide, it is an important and prolific hydrocarbon reservoir rock.  In the United Kingdom and offshore Ireland, the Early Cretaceous Greensand is subdivided into Upper (Albian) and Lower (Aptian) sequences. These are the reservoir targets for a number of successful exploration wells in which Greensand Exploration personnel were involved.  In Southern England, where Greensand Exploration personnel are based, the Greensand is a distinctive geographic feature forming a ridge through Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

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